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Fender Authorized Dealer - Make History!

Dexter Music Center offers professional instrument repair including setup, pick-up install, rewiring, and troubleshooting. We are an authorized service center for Gibson Musical Instruments.

Looking to upgrade your current gear or system? Give us a call and let's discuss your options.

Please call us for other product warranty and repairs.

Dexter Music Center
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Dexter, MO 63841
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Just what the Fret Doctor orderd! In late 2002, many members of the Les Paul Forum discovered what woodwind players have known for years. Bore Doctor actually penetrates hardwoods, returning the fingerboard to its natural state and making it dimensionally stable. It can minimize the risk of future cracking or splitting. Because of the larger surface area of a fretboard, it was packaged in larger bottles, called Fret Doctor. Many thousands of bottles have been sold worldwide ever since, propelled entirely by recommendations from satisfied users. Highly recommended!!! In stock here at the store and our online shop.


Save money in the long run by doing some preventive maintenance to your guitar or bass. Dexter Music Center has a large selection of cleaning and care products in our store or available online for your convenience.


Here is some info on the new Blackout Pick-ups from Seymour Duncan.

The Blackout pickups are the Seymour Duncan answer to the highly popular EMG pickups that many of today's top players swear by to get the sound they want.