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DMC Jam 4


DMC JAM 4 this past weekend, September 19th and 20th, was one of the best ever! Several hundred people came through the doors of Dexter Music Center to partake in the clinics and contests we had going on throughout the weekend. Though the rain hindered the outside portion of our annual jam, we moved indoors and proceeded to throw down, DMC style. Special thanks goes to all of the people who came by to visit us and the great people of Gibson and Epiphone. Thanks to 13th Floor for not only giving a fantastic blues performance Saturday evening but for going above and beyond helping us out behind the scenes during both days of DMC JAM 4. Thanks to Hank Ettel for his help with the guitar challenge along with Quantum Cables' Mike Torbet for running the sound.

Thanks also to The Dusters for delivering a ripping, Delta Blues style set to close out our 4th annual DMC JAM!

Below are a few highlights from our 4th annual DMC JAM.




The services of Bart Walsh have been engaged by many notable music personalities such as David Lee Roth, Brett Michaels, and Tia Carrere. Bart's unmistakable, high energy fluid style soars and dives between the worlds of hard rock and blues. This student of music theory, courtesy of  instructors like Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert and Frank Gambale has become a rock guitarist whose skills, diversity, talent and knowledge of Gibson guitars knows no boundaries.

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Tone is everything and the master of tone the world over is the living legend, Hank Ettel. Hank's highly enthusiastic and deeply informative clinic will give you the inside, above top secret knowledge you need to get the tone that gets you noticed. Learn to find the tone that will complement your playing style and take you to the next level and beyond. Compliments of Dexter Music Center the largest guitar retailer between St. Louis, MO and Memphis, TN.



DMC JAM 4 kicked off Friday, September 19th at 5pm, Saturday the 20th at 12 noon. This is what you missed!

Top, L to R. The Set up begins. The Gibson bus has arrived. The Custom Shop Trailer has shown up. Bottom: The Gibson Acoustic Trailer ready for action, The storm clouds are rolling in. Terry and Cindy.

Top, L to R: John Corabi talks about Gibson Acoustics, Mike ( Owner of Quantum Cable) and Hank Ettel.  Bottom:  Hank talks tone, Bart Walsh Clinic. Bart Shredding away....

Top, L to R:  The crowds gather for the guitar challenge. Bottom: The guitar challenge finalist.  The Dusters throw down. 13th floor belt out some blues.


World famous pick up specialist Hank Ettel was at DMC JAM 4 to deliver his highly informative tone clinic. If you want to "sound" your best, you need to have the right tone. No doubt that many of the guitarists who attended Hank's clinic are well on their way to sounding better than ever!


Shred master Bart Walsh made quite an impact upon all who were present for his clinic on Gibson guitars,  sharing some experiences of his working with some of the top names in rock. Bart unleashed a "riff " roaring and highly enlightening performance for all of the DMC JAM 4 crowds that made out to our yearly event.


Ministry and Rigor Mortis are two bands known worldwide for their groundbreaking sound and intensity in the genres of industrial and thash metal, respectfully. The mastermind behind both of these prominent forces is none other than the legendary, extreme music guitarist Mike Scaccia. To see this man in action and to witness the shredding, angst ridden, riff ripping sound that he is capable of producing, is truly an event in and of itself... and he will show you how its done. Live and in your face at DMC JAM 4.

For more Mike info:Discography, Rigor Mortis


John Corabi is a trend setting singer and songwriter guitarist who has worked side by side with members of KISS, Alice In Chains, The Cult, Motley Crue and Ratt. John will be bringing his vast experiences in the music business into play at DMC JAM 4 as he delivers an awe- inspiring clinic to help you become a better guitar player than you ever thought imaginable. When the big boys need help...they call one man... they call John Corabi.

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