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T-Rex Gristle King

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T-Rex Engineering Gristle King Guitar Effects Pedal  


The T-Rex Engineering Gristle King Effects Pedal was developed especially for Greg Koch. The Gristle King offers you a wide variety of boost and overdrive possibilities. The Gristle, Tone, Gravy and Flavour controls and 2 toggles dial in just the tone you're looking for. The T-Rex Gristle King pedal gives you 2 effects, plus extra tonal possibilities, in one compact stompbox.
Like the tasty combination of chocolate and peanut butter, the Gristle King is a combination of the DGTM and a tone-filled boost circuit. This combination offers you a wide variety of boost and overdrive possibilities.

Use this control to set the amount of gain desired.
Sets the tone of the overdrive.
Sets the boost level.
This feature places the boost either before or after your overdrive. Use the Pre setting to give you an additional boost in the level of gain. Use the post set- ting to boost the volume of the signal, such as a lead boost.
Selects between a throaty open type of overdrive (right), or a more compressed type of overdrive sound (left).
With this switch toggled to the right, there is an increase in the low end of the overdrive effect.
The Gristle and More foot switches turn on the repective effects. Each effect can be used separately or in combination.
The Gristle pedals were all born in the US as a result of the cooperation between technician Tim Jauernig and guitar player Greg Koch. T-Rex adopted the Gristle pedals and they are now official members of the T-Rex pedal family.
Based in Vejle, Denmark, T-Rex Engineering makes classic and signature effects pedals for the world’s best musicians. Their approach blends hi- tech innovation with old-world craftsmanship – always in the service of killer tone.

Input Impedance @ 1 KHz: > 1 megohm
Output Impedance @ 1 kHz: < 10kOhm
Power supply: 9V DC
Minimum Power supply Voltage: 8V DC
Maximum Power supply Voltage: 12.5V DC
Current Draw @ 9V DC: 12 mA
Maximum input signal Vp/p: 3 Vp/p

Battery Type: 9V battery 6F22
Battery Life: 12 to 16 Hours
External connectors: Input Jack. Output Jack, 9V DC Jack
Controls: Gristle (On/Off), More switch, Gristle (distortion), Tone, Gravy (volume), More, Pre/Post, Flavor
Dimensions: 5" W x 2-1/4" H x 3-7/10" D
Weight with Power supply: .88 lb.


Sale: $279.99




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